The Est­ran­ged – The Sub­li­mi­nal Man LP




Past and pre­sent mem­bers of Port­land hard­core main­stays such as Remains Of The Day, Hells­hock, Warcry, Leben­den Toten, etc pull a 180 and dish out ten tracks of icy, omin­ous post­punk. Sin­ce their last release, The Est­ran­ged have dia­led back the expli­cit aggres­si­on of their ear­ly sin­gles a bit, and dia­led up the tex­tu­red, atmo­s­phe­ric, laye­red sounds of prime 80s death­rock / post­punk. A litt­le less US influ­ence, a litt­le more UK…A litt­le less Wipers, a litt­le more Cure / Cha­me­le­ons UK/Joy Divi­si­on, etc. .… The Sub­li­mi­nal Man was pain­sta­kin­gly, impec­ca­bly recor­ded at Type Found­ry Stu­di­os in Port­land and fea­tures 8 new ones, a re-record­ing of „Sta­tue In A Room“ (ori­gi­nal­ly released as a split 7? with Autis­tic Youth) and a rather stun­ning cover of The Flys‘ 1978 clas­sic „Love And A Molo­tov Cock­tail“. You need this. All LPs come with down­load cou­pon

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