Feh­ler Kuti – Schland Is The Place For Me LP




Schland Is The Place For Me is a pop album fea­turing songs of alie­na­ti­on, not only as a tra­gic expe­ri­ence, but as a pop-cul­tu­ral pro­mi­se. May­be Bill Cal­la­han sung it best, »I am Star Wars today, I am no lon­ger Eng­lish grey«. I want tho­se who suf­fer from alie­na­ti­on to stand in alli­an­ce with tho­se who seek alie­na­ti­on, and vice-ver­sa. A coali­ti­on, that tole­ra­tes the pos­si­bi­li­ty that we are moved by the same groo­ve for con­tra­ry rea­sons.

Music by Juli­an War­ner, Mar­kus Acher & Tobi­as Sie­gert Saxo­pho­ne on RINDERMARKT by Franz Brun­ner Trom­bo­ne on RINDERMARKT and IL by Mat­thi­as Götz Recor­ded and mixed by Tobi­as Sie­gert in Munich.
SONTAGSFAVORIT mixed by Dario Albiez in Dus­sel­dorf. Mas­te­red by Dupho­nic in Augs­burg. Art­work by Ate­lier Gran­de, Munich.

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